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About Us

We are committed to access and understand your business need..

"Adler Superior" is a Professional recruitment agency with a great mission and big difference. We are a leading and experienced employment agency that works with a broad range of industries.

"Adler Superior" is unique in comparison to other recruitment & employment agencies by providing a specialist level of service to a diverse level of businesses while achieving win-win solution among both of our employers and employees. We are willing to put every effort on revolutionizing the Recruitment business model by breaking away from the traditional.

We recognize that the investment in your employee is imperative to the operation and success of your business. We offer candidates deemed to possess the good skill level and quality of personality essential for your company.

"Adler Superior" is not just about putting the "right candidate in the right job". It is about building long standing partnerships with our clients. We can help companies with their personnel/recruitment needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to attract talented candidates that our clients may find hard to reach.

Our Strength

One of our greatest strengths is our recruitment teams is well co-operated with our in-house IT support. Our IT team provides very advance and unique technology be enhanced on our searching and scanning system in our job seekers’ data base. It is totally beneficial to our recruitment team to search a right candidate for our clients.

Our executive recruitment and searching teams are well-experienced with their extensive business industry knowledge. We are the specialist in providing professional recruitment advice in different business industries for both of our employers and job seekers.

Our Mission

"Adler Superior" is to ensure we source not only the well experience with best skilled candidate for your business but more importantly, the candidate who well "fits" your company to ensure longevity and stability.

Social responsibility

Outside our commercial remit, "Adler Superior" wants to do our part to contribute to our society around us. Our goal is to access a Right talent to the Right Place at the Right time. Having as any people as possible in jobs is a good thing for a society.   It makes companies more productive and it provides people with a fulfilling and happy life. It is always at the heart of our aims and strategy