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Salary Index for Hong Kong Labour

Hong Kong has faced a challenging period in 2019 due to ongoing political and economic uncertainty. We believe that the organizations in Hong Kong will take a careful approach to growth and hiring strategies.

However, Hong Kong is still the world's third best financial center and it retains its appeal to companies as a global business and finance hub.

A good Resume

Why having a great resume is so important to your employment chances?

When there is a lot has changed in the world of job searching, a resume is more important than ever. With so many candidates competing for the same jobs, a strong resume is your ticket to standing out to a hiring manager …

How to prepare the job interview

During the job interview, you may not get a 2nd chance to make a good first impression, so it is necessary to have a well-prepared and plan for a job interview. It is much easier to increase your chances of landing that dream job.

Let’s start ! How to prepare for a job interview…

Tips for standing out in group interview

Some job interviews not only require you to answer somewhat stressful questions directly from your interviewer, but they can also require you to face a group of co-interviewees and (technically) compete with them by practically standing out among the crowd.

This kind of job interview is (obviously) called a group interview

There is 9 ways to stand out in a group interview …

Communication skills

During the interview, when hiring manager/HR ask their questions, they do not only to gain information from you but also to see how to communicate through expression and verbal tone.

Here are some communication skills the HR will be evaluating ...

Sincere / Listening/ Confidence /Respond/Friendliness (are you easy to talk to?)/Expression (Facial and Body) / Respect