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Why, Adler Superior is your best recruitment agency ? 

We do believe that it results in calling out bunches of unfitting candidates that caused your company increase the labor force.  "Adler Superior runs by a Strong and Full-featured of Candidates' Data Base which is supported and monitored by our  IT teammates. We are capable to access any talented and good quality of candidates by different networking throughout the world.

Our Research and Recruitment team has more than 15 years of recruiting experience and different level of extensive industry knowledge. In order to provides the best outcomes for our clients and candidate, our executive consultants collaborate closely to share and understand talent’s very well.

How "Adler Superior" can help…

First of all, our priority is to maintain our professional integrity from start to finish.

Service Fee 

In the instance, we present short listed candidates to your company for your selection. Our fee is Only payable if they are hired by your company/organization. You may enjoy the benefits in recruiting experience and qualified staff at competitive trading terms through us easily.

Free Replacement

We realized that the best case scenario is where a chosen candidate stays with the client’s company for the long-term. However, some candidates can accept a job but resign shortly afterwards, such as during the first month of employment period.  A free replacement means we guarantee to replace “that” candidate (for the same position) at no additional cost to you.

Regular follow up Service

During the guarantee period months of the candidate’s employment, we shall contact yourselves and the candidate at regular intervals to discuss their progress. 

Now, it is time to come to access and discover best practice recruitment at competitive rates making it easy for you to use our services.

Submit your Quote on today and let our executive recruitment consultant helps you to find a talented and qualified staff. 

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